Best Laptop Stands To Save Your Health 2020

Gaming laptops or “workstation” computers overheat due to their high performance operation, bringing with it the need for extra cooling. One of the most important purposes of laptop stands, developed for mobile use of laptops comfortably, is that they can be used to support the cooling systems of computers.

Laptop stand models, which were produced in the form of a pedestal to prevent the laptop computers from being affected by the heat of the human body or to be positioned comfortably while being used on the knee, are now on the table, to adjust the height of the computer according to the arm level or even to create an air gap on the floor, thanks to the integrated fan. We think that in the near future, different models that can be selected by users will be produced in terms of human health.

adjustable laptop stand

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Adjustable Laptop Stands

We all know that fan-powered models are widely bottom-cooled, it is also possible to find side-cooled laptop stands according to your preference. In terms of ergonomic use, models whose height can be adjusted according to your sitting style play a very important role in protecting your back health. Laptop stands can also be the ideal solution for users who are on the computer for long hours to avoid posture disorder. Laptop stand models that you can integrate into your computer via USB connection can be produced with a single fan or two or three fans. There are laptop stands developed in varying sizes for different brands and models of laptops, there are models that work very quietly, but also make loud noise, we recommend that you research this carefully before purchasing.

In addition to the models that attract attention with their lightness, there are also heavier models on the market. The models that come in different designs with or without illumination, generally create a space between the computer and the floor at an adjustable angle, helping the computer to cool down thanks to the fans on the stand. Since laptop stand prices may vary according to the brand and model, you should definitely review different brands and models before purchasing.

Due to the long-term use of high-performance laptops in high-performance jobs such as the information and media sector, system temperatures may exceed the required value. This causes damage to computer hardware. Laptop stands, developed in different designs to overcome this problem, allow the computer to cool down with an external intervention. The laptop stand models, which can be easily integrated into the computer, thus extend the life of the computer. Ideal for computers that can be affected by air humidity or ambient temperature, you can both protect your health and extend the life of your laptop with your adjustable laptop stand.

Best Laptop Stands For Your Health and Laptop – Prices and Specs

1- obVus Solutions Adjustable Laptop Tower Stand – $75 USD

obvus adjustable laptop stand

Specs from obvus :

  • Bring your laptop to eye-level while at your workstation
  • Adjust your laptop to any height between 2″ to 21″
  • Optimization and comfort
  • Flexibility and customization in angle tilt and height allows every individual to achieve the most optimal and comfortable laptop position
  • Bring your ergonomic setup wherever you go
  • Sleek and modern design that is easily transported and saves space at your workstation
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Trust that your laptop is in good hands with our aluminum build that provides a sturdy structure and surface and our ventilation design that reduces laptop overheating and improves functionality

2- MOFT Z 5-in-1 Sit-Stand Desk – $59 USD

moft laptop stand

Specs from moft :

  • The origami-inspired Z structure provides one mode for standing and four-mode for sitting.
  • The five positions help you develop a healthy sit-stand working posture, keeping you productive when you work from home.
  • It blends in any environment with its magazined-size when not in use.
  • It can hold up to 22 lbs, providing you with rock-steady typing in the air.
  • It’s compatible with all laptops.
  • The top choice for Work-From-Home essentials 2020.

3- Laptop Desk Nnewvante Table Adjustable 100% Bamboo Foldable – $49 USD (For people who likes working from bed or couch)

bamboo laptop stand


  • Multi-use desk: work as a laptop desk, but also as a TV Dinner Tray, bed serving desk for patients/kids, Standing Desk for office workers, Book Tray of readers, Writing Desk for kids, Tablet Holder (21.5 Lx 14.1W x 13.8H inches)
  • Handmade polished+100% Environmental. We adopt 100% natural bamboo and made it with our exquisite craftsmanship, providing you smooth surface desk.
  • Height and width adjustable. 5 adjustable slots can give you 5 tilting angles. And a removable baffle for preventing laptop sliding off when the top is adjusted obliquely.
  • Convenient design. Small storage drawer for sort out pen, note pad, USB cable, flash disk, paper clips

4- Roost Laptop Stand – Adjustable and Portable Laptop Stand – $89 USD

roost laptop stand


  • A compact and lighter design is also fully collapsible, making this laptop stand ideal for business travelers and corporate presentations
  • The universal fit on this laptop stand makes it the perfect portable, sturdy and lightweight laptop stand for almost all PC and MacBook models
  • The Roost laptop stand’s height is adjustable to give you from 6 to 12 inches of lift and to offer eye-level laptop viewing

As we mentioned above, laptop stand models are really important for your health first and then for long-term use of your laptop. We reviewed 4 different adjustable laptop stand models for you. We hope one of them will be suitable for you. Thanks for reading, you can be instantly informed of such articles we publish daily by registering to our newsletter from the side-bar section on the right.

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