Asus Laptop Charger Models – Starting From $39 Price **2020

Original asus laptop charger models should always be a piece of hardware that you should use carefully. If you are a laptop owner, over the years (and if you use it constantly), as is the case with all laptop models, unfortunately, the chargers can deteriorate.

Although the prices are not very expensive, the most important factor you should pay attention to when buying an asus laptop charger is the voltage values. Incorrectly purchased asus laptop chargers will damage your laptop battery and most likely will not work.  Let’s review some of the asus laptop charger models below

Asus Laptop Charger Models and Prices

1- ASUS 120W Notebook Power Adapter for selected N501/G501/UX501 Series notebook – $79.99 USD

ASUS notebook power adapters keep you going and charged wherever and whenever needed. Keep notebook batteries topped up via any compatible power outlet, or even work continuously without the battery! With an extra adapter, you can leave one at home and bring another to the office for an easier and less cluttered commute. Additional power adapters for your notebook mean you’re always prepared and charged, whether at home, the office, or on the road.


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2- ASUS 90W Universal Notebook Power Adapter – $89.99 USD

Works with most ASUS notebooks
Four different connector tips
Plug Dimensions: 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.5mm
Compatible Wattage: 90W/65W/45W/33W


ASUS 90W universal square adapters keep you going where and when you need it. An additional power adapter for your notebook means you’re always prepared and charged, whether at home, the office, or on the road. It also means less weight to lug around. The 90W universal square adapter comes with four different connector tip sizes; you could even lend it to friends and colleagues who use different ASUS notebooks and Ultrabooks.

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I am sure you will love this model very much. With 4 different input types for both ultrabook and notebook users, this model is one of the most preferred products as asus laptop charger.

3- ASUS Adapter 230W 19.5V 3P (5.5PHI) with Power Cord – $169.99 USD


This charger is used for the asus rog GL502VS model. A 3-year warranty is offered for this adapter with 230w output power.

Laptop chargers are really an important issue. My advice to you is to use the original product as much as possible. You should be careful not to use second hand products unless you have to. We all love our laptops, right? 🙂

Thanks for your time and reading. Please send your questions about Asus laptop charger in the comment section, we will reply within 24 hours. By the way you can also look at our how to charge laptop without charger post.

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