Best 32GB RAM Laptops For Greatest Performance – 2020 Buying Guide

Buying a 32gb ram laptop for graphic design, gaming, or other productive tasks takes a lot of research. While most of us think of expensive devices with high-end processors, powered GPUs, and stunning displays, going above 16GB in terms of RAM is generally considered excessive.

If you are researching 32gb ram laptop models, you are obviously a good game enthusiast 🙂 In this article, we will look closer to the 32 gb ram laptop models that can give you full gaming pleasure. But first let’s give some information about RAM, one of the most important hardware of laptops.

It is known how important is the amount of “RAM” in the computer. But most users do not know exactly what RAM is, how much RAM will be enough for them. In this article, we will first explain what RAM is, What is RAM? What does it do? Who Needs How Much RAM? We will try to answer your questions.

What is RAM; What Does It Do?

First of all, what is RAM? RAM, one of the most critical parts of the computer, also known as ‘random access memory’, is a storage unit that allows files to be written and read quickly. Hard drives and other disks are too slow to replace RAM, as they are too slow to replace it. For example, a Word document you are editing is stored in your computer’s RAM – the high speed of RAM allows you to see your edits instantly. Of course, data in RAM is not permanent as it is in storage units such as hard drives. The required RAM is overwritten when required and deleted when necessary. The system does this by itself.

How Much RAM Do You Need?

The amount of RAM you need will naturally depend on how you use it. Now let’s take a look at the memory sizes in total:

2GB and below: Although it is difficult to find computers with 2GB memory today, it is a fact that there are still those who offer this option. Under today’s conditions, 2GB RAM will remain low no matter what purpose you use your computer for. Of course, you can still do basic operations on such a computer. But even running several programs at the same time can be a heavy burden for 2GB of RAM. Therefore, we do not recommend 2GB RAM for anyone in today’s conditions. You can find 2GB ram capacity models like best hp mini laptops or dell mini laptops models.

4GB: The base amount of RAM in the recent past was 4GB. Today, it is possible to find many computers that come with 4GB of RAM. But it is also true that the general trend is heading towards 8GB. Still, if you’re looking for an inexpensive PC and don’t want this PC to have a headache while working with office applications or browsing the Internet, 4GB will be enough for you. But if your intended use extends to gaming or picture-video editing, 4GB of RAM will not be enough for you either.

8GB: Leaving aside professional users, the amount of RAM we can recommend to the vast majority of today’s computer users will be 8GB. With 8GB, you can play games (not in the upper settings), edit videos (not in 4K and higher resolutions), run many “resource-free” programs. 8GB ram is ok for best budget friendly gaming laptop models.

16GB: The best amount of RAM that can be recommended for computer users called “Power User” would of course be 16GB. With a computer with 16GB RAM, you can easily do all kinds of video editing and play many games without difficulty. But it should not be forgotten that as the amount of RAM increases, the price of the computer will also increase. If you don’t see yourself as a “power user”, the 8GB option will be enough for you.

32GB and above: This is already what you’re looking for, right? 🙂 If you think you need 32GB or more of RAM, you should be a professional user. For example, if you have work such as 3D modeling, rendering, editing very high resolution videos, you are right. In this case, it is useful to keep in mind the phrase “more RAM, more performance”.

Let’s take a closer look at 32gb ram laptop models below.

32 GB RAM Laptop Models and Prices


1- Acer Predator Triton 500 PT515-52-742J Gaming Laptop – $2,773 USD

Saying hello to gamers with the brand new helios 300 series, the acer predator model gives a real gaming pleasure. The FHD IPS display screen used with NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology.

Powered by the 10th Gen Intel Core i7 Processor1 and NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card1 with Max-Q design, this laptop is built to dominate your games, spark your creativity and envy your friends and family alike. All these features are complemented by a 300 Hz / 1 ms display1,2.

Accelerate your PC with Intel’s 10th Gen processors that can be overclocked up to 5.1 GHz3 Turbo. With up to 8 cores and up to 16 threads of processing power, it can overcome all the challenges ahead. Witness with your own eyes what this monster can do in the face of the tasks you load.


Specifications :

10th Generation Intel Core i7-10875H 8-Core Processor (Up to 5.1GHz) with Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit
Overclockable NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER Graphics with Max-Q Design & 8 GB of dedicated GDDR6 VRAM
15.6″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) Widescreen LED-Backlit IPS Display with NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology | 300Hz Refresh Rate | 3ms Overdrive Response Time | 300nit Brightness | 100% sRGB
32GB DDR4 2933MHz Memory | 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD (2 x PCIe M.2 Slots with 1 Slot Open for Easy Upgrades)
Per-key RGB Backlit Keyboard with Customizable Lighting | LAN: Killer Gaming Network E3100G | Wireless: Killer Double Shot Pro Wireless-AX 1650i 802.11ax WiFi 6 | 4th Gen All-Metal AeroBlade 3D Fan

Acer predator triton 500 is undoubtedly one of the highlights among 32gb ram laptop models. The internal configuration is so well established that it seems that you will not need to upgrade any hardware for at least 2 years.

2- CUK ROG Strix G15 by ASUS Gaming Notebook – $1,899 USD

ROG Strix G15 embodies a streamlined design that offers a great core experience for serious gaming and multitasking. Featuring the latest 10th Gen Intel® Core ™ i7 CPU and a GeForce RTX ™ 2070 GPU, it offers high FPS power advantageously with a high speed 144Hz / 3ms display. Intelligent cooling innovations such as liquid metal take performance to another level. Ultra-fast Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and up to 2 SSDs running in RAID 0 speed up runtime and play. A third SSD space means you can upgrade your storage space to carry your game collection wherever you go.


ROG’s Intelligent Cooling philosophy mixes the right features and system settings to ensure the best experience. Performance is boosted with cutting-edge enhancements like liquid metal compound on the CPU and a well-ventilated exterior that keeps noise levels lower than the last generation.

Play at professional esports speed with the ultra-fast 144Hz / 3ms game panel. The stunning fast 144Hz refresh rate provides a true high FPS experience that ensures fast game streaming is flawlessly smooth. Its 3ms response time minimizes motion blur and provides clearer and more precise visuals for fast-moving targets. Gain an advantage in the challenge where fast reaction time and environmental awareness are crucial to success.

Specifications :

Processor: Intel Core i7-10750H Six Core Processor (12MB Cache, 2.6GHz-5.0GHz) 45W
RAM: 32GB DDR4 2933MHz | Hard Drive: 2TB NVMe Solid State Drive
Keyboard: ROG AURA RGB – 4 Zone Illuminated Chiclet Keyboard | Operating System: Windows 10 Home x64
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6 | Display: 15.6″ Full HD 240Hz 3ms Anti-Glare Wide View Display (1920 x 1080)
32GB RAM / 2TB NVMe SSD Upgrades

3- MSI P65 Creator-1084 15.6″ 4K UHD Display – $2,499 USD

msi p65 creator

Professionals have long used gaming computers to meet their high-performance needs in power-hungry applications such as 3D modeling, animation, design, and 4K video rendering. MSI has launched Prestige series products to meet this need.

Creator Mode: Here are tweaks for frequently used design software preset by MSI. As soon as the software is detected, improvements are implemented. So what are these improvements? For example, 8 processing units are selected for Photoshop and the application priority is adjusted in real time. GPU and memory performance improvement features are also unlocked here, but there is no explanation about their exact function.

MSI manages to combine a powerful 9th ​​generation processor and a powerful NVIDIA RTX graphics card in a stylish case for content creators. While the device runs very quietly when idle, it contains a cooling mechanism that can provide sufficient cooling under load.

If you are looking for a stylish but powerful laptop instead of buying a gaming computer for your video content production or rendering, the P65 Creator has been added to our list as one of the devices you should definitely check out with its renewed features.

Display 15 6″ Uhd (3840X2160) anti-glare wide view angle 4K
Processor intel core i7-9750h 2.6 – 4.5ghz
Graphics NVidia GeForce RTX 2060 6g gddr6 studio driver
Memory 32gb (16 gram x 2) ddr4 2400mhz 2 sockets max memory 32gb
Storage 1tb


Laptop models with 32gb ram are truly the models that offer the highest performance in every sense. These models have valuable features that you can use either as a game or as a professional business device.

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