Built for Low Cost Laptops: Windows 10X ready

Microsoft has completed its work on Windows 10X, a completely new version of Windows 10 developed for low-cost laptops that can also be described as cheap. The operating system is now ready to be released.

It is worth remembering that Windows 10X was originally designed for the dual-screen Surface Neo. However, during the development process, the overall strategy was changed and the current version of Windows 10X Build 202XX of the operating system is designed to run on budget-friendly devices with little RAM. According to the latest news, Windows 10X is now ready to be released for laptop manufacturers.



Laptop models that will come with the Windows 10X operating system are expected to go on sale in the spring of 2021, in April. Also, Microsoft will not distribute Windows 10X as a free downloadable firmware, so ordinary users will not be able to install this brand new operating system on their computers.

It is also worth noting that Windows 10X, which is a lightened version of Windows, will not offer Win32 support. Other features of the operating system include a simplified Start menu and rounded window corners. By the way, you should take a look at the dell mini laptop models and hp mini laptop models (that we can call relevant models) .

Here are the highlights of Windows 10X

Dual Screen Optimization: Enhancements for dual screens include dragging windows between screens, choosing which screen to open a particular app on, dragging the app to the middle of the dual screen to maximize two screens.

Application Container: Windows 10X will run apps and programs like Windows 10. In addition, applications will run in a “container” isolated from the operating system and increase device security.

New Start Menu, Taskbar: The flat-looking Start Menu of Windows 10X has no live tiles. The new taskbar expands to two screens and uses new icons. The icons are shown in the middle of Windows 10X’s taskbar. However, if you want, you can align the icons to the left as usual.

New Action Center: While Windows 10’s Action Center is useful, the functionality of its design is questionable. Making improvements in this regard, Windows 10X adds a few quick action buttons to the Action Center. One of the new buttons here, “Compose Mode”, rotates the screen 90 degrees and turns a screen into a touch keyboard.

Improvements in Windows Update: It is stated that Windows 10X will prepare and install updates in the background more silently and smoothly, then restart the system. We didn’t get a chance to try out how different it was from the current experience, but it would be a positive development that system updates do not interrupt the user.

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