How To Take Screenshot on A Dell Laptop

Dell keyboards provide the same display combination on a Dell laptop or desktop as any other Windows PC. When you want to share information with other people on your computer, taking a screenshot on a dell laptop should be a nice option to consider. The article shares the 5 best methods to take screenshots on Dell. Learn more about the process and choose the one you want based on your needs.

Method 1 : How to Dell Screenshot with Screenshot Shortcuts
Similar to other Windows PCs, you can use the default key combination to take screenshots. Here is the detailed information you should know screenshot on Dell.

1. To capture full screen image on Dell, press the PrtScn key to save the screenshot to the clipboard. For some laptops from Dell, both Fn and PrtScn keys of screenshot on Dell.

2. You can hold down the key to capture an active window on Dell. Subtotal and press PrtScn to copy the screenshot to clipboard.


3. To take a screenshot of a specific area of ​​Dell, press the Windows logo and shift, then press the S button where you can use the mouse to draw a rectangle to indicate what to shoot.

4. To capture and save the screenshot, save the Windows logo and PrtScn keys as C: / Users, and then under Screen Photo Gallery on your PC.

Method 2 : Free Snipping Tool for Dell Screenshot

How to take a screenshot on Dell with a professional snipping tool?  There’s a free tool in windows which you can use easly. Windows snipping tool is really easy to use.

how to take screenshot dell laptop

1. Select the Start button, type snipping tool in the search box on the taskbar, and then select Snipping Tool from the list of results.

2. In Snipping Tool, select Mode. In earlier versions of Windows, select the arrow next to the New button. Next, when you choose the kind of snip you want, you’ll see the whole screen change slightly to gray. Then, choosing from anything currently displayed on the screen, select the area of your screen that you want to capture.

3. After you capture a snip, you can write or draw on or around it by selecting the Pen or Highlighter buttons. Select Eraser to remove the lines you’ve drawn.

4. To place snipping tool to your windows taskbar : In the search box on the taskbar, type snipping tool. You’ll see the Snipping Tool app and a list of actions you can take. Select Pin to taskbar.

This is the end of how to take screenshot on a dell laptop article, thanks for reading. We hope this helps.


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