Difference Between Normal Mouse and Gaming Mouse – Buying Guide

Everyone who plays regularly has come across products such as a mouse or keyboard designed for gamers. “Do these products sold at high prices under the name of Gamer product really provide an advantage in games? Or is it a money trap? ” We are sure that many people have thought of this question.

In our article, we will talk about the general features of gaming mouse and talk about what additional features they have compared to normal mouse.

Gaming Mouse VS Normal Mouse

Adjustable DPI

Gaming mouse usually have high and adjustable DPI / CPI capabilities. You can think of DPI (Dots Per Inch) as a unit of measure. It allows you to determine how many points you will travel on your screen when you move your mouse one inch. In this way, a mouse with high DPI can cover the whole screen with small movements.

razer gaming mouse

Gaming mouse allow you to choose the most suitable DPI feature for yourself within certain limits (depending on the hardware features of the mouse) with the software released by the companies. In addition, the button on many gaming mouse allows you to switch between two DPI options.

While low DPI values ​​will give you an advantage in some games, using high DPI in some games may make your job easier. For example, many Professional CS: GO players prefer to play with very low DPI, such as 400-800. Because if the cursor goes too far in small movements, it will be quite a problem in terms of hit success in the game.

Macro Keys and Multi Key Click Feature

Another important feature of gamer mouse is that they have adjustable macro keys. You can create custom profiles for games and assign different tasks to the macro keys on your mouse for each game.

Some gaming mouses are mostly developed for RTS or RPG games, and there can be dozens of macro keys on the mouse. It will be easier for you to choose the mouse you will use according to the game you will play frequently.

In normal mouse, when you press two buttons at the same time, usually only one of them is detected and processed, while gamer mice detect and execute both actions when different buttons are pressed simultaneously. It is especially useful in games where you need a lot of macros in RTS or RPG games. Cool right?

gamer mouse vs normal mouse

Fast Response Times / Polling Rate

Another feature of gamer mouse is that they have fast response times. We can describe this feature as follows. Gamer mouses are much better at detecting, transmitting and processing this movement after you move your mouse. Wired gaming mouse usually have response times such as 1ms or 5ms. Of course, be sure to review the product before buying it and research the response times. The lower the response time / the higher the Polling Rate, the better.

Style Matters

Companies that produce gaming mouse often prepare designs, not only striving to make the mouse fully compatible with your hand, but also design equipment that looks good from the outside.

Almost all gaming mouses now have RBG lights, or at least LED lights.


Gaming equipment is generally developed for intensive use, and therefore they are designed to withstand much more clicks and hours of use in terms of the materials used.

Many gamers claim that they have reached 30 million or more clicks on the mouse.

Should I Buy a Gaming Mouse?

In fact, we will explain the summary of the whole subject here. Gamer mouse have many extra features. Of course, these features will be those that frequent competitive gamers will look for.

But you should also know that you will not turn into a professional gamer because you buy a gaming mouse. Player equipment is not necessary to be a good player. Player equipment are products that will only make you a little more advantageous. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, you can evaluate the player equipment if it will not shake your budget.

Things to Consider When Buying a Gaming Mouse

If you have decided to buy a gaming mouse, you must decide well whether the mouse you buy will suit you and the games you play.

If you are going to play FPS games, you should choose products that have a high Polling Rate and whose DPI can change with the software or buttons on it.
If you play RTS or RPG games more often, mouse with additional macro keys will be more useful for you.


The high DPI rate in the gaming mouse is used as a sales strategy of companies, but you will never use the DPI after a certain rate. Therefore, try to choose a mouse without falling into the high DPI trap.

Some products are sold at very high prices by adding RGB lighting as an update to the old version. In this regard, you should examine the old and new models that companies have released and decide whether the differences are worth it.

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