High Performance AI Accelerator Cards Announced by ASUS

CRL-G18U-P3DF and CRL-G116U-P3DF, the world’s first PCI Express AI accelerator cards, feature advanced power design with Google Edge TPU and easy system setup tools.

ASUS announced the full-size and half-size PCI Express 3.0 AI accelerator cards PCICRL-G18U-P3DF and CRL-G116U-P3DF. Both cards have Google Edge TPU processor specially designed for artificial intelligence applications.

The Google Edge TPU machine learning accelerator included in the cards speeds up processing efficiency, reduces power demand and makes it easier to develop connected devices and smart applications. Thanks to this built-in machine learning accelerator, the CRL-G18U-P3DF reaches a capacity of 32 tera operations per second (TOPS) with only 36W of power consumption per processing unit. CRL-G116U-P3DF increases the performance to 64 TOPS with 52 W power. Optimized for the TensorFlow Lite deep learning framework, these cards can easily compile and run frequently used machine learning models.

asus ai cards

From Asus Announcement:

Key Points

Plug-and-play AI: All-new PCI Express 3.0 AI accelerator cards deliver up to 64 tera operations per second for diverse machine-learning and modeling scenarios
Advanced thermal design: Twin axial-tech turbofans and copper heatsink for stable high-load operation
ASUS and Google Coral: Collaborating in the development of on-device AI solutions for both business and consumer applications

Users with the CRL-G18U-P3DF or CRL-G116U-P3DF model can develop efficient, custom, fast and offline products with built-in inference capability. These cards also offer excellent options for independent software brands (ISV) and system integrators (SI) who want to develop their own artificial intelligence models for a variety of vertical applications.


Main ChipCoreGoogle® Coral Edge TPU Processor
PCI Express® interfacePCI Express® 3.0 x16
SoftwareSupported FrameworkTensorFlow lite
Performance32 TOPS64 TOPS
Thermal SolutionFAN designActive Fan
PowerPower Connector1 x 6-pin 12V External Power
Power Consumption36 W52 W
Operating SystemLinuxUbuntu 18.04, Debian 10
* For latest OS support list, please check https://iot.asus.com/.
EnvironmentOperating Temperature0~55°C
Non-Operating Temperature-40~85°C
Relative Humidity0%~85%
DimensionsWidth42.1 mm
Height126.3 mm
Depth186.3 mm
Weight516 g530 g

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