How to Factory Reset Acer Laptop With 6 Steps

Some model laptops  unfortunately don’t come with a Windows CD (Recovery CD). In such cases, usually a part of your laptop’s disk (recovery partition) is reserved for this job. In other words, when you want to format your computer, the installation files in this part of the disk are started with a special program and the system is made the first installation. When the computers are turned on, this program runs when the ALT SHIFT CTRL or F keys are used and the system is restored.

In this article, we will quickly talk about how to reset acer laptop models to factory settings. In this thread, you will find the answer to your how to acer factory reset from boot question.

How to Factory Reset Acer Laptops

How to Reset an Acer Laptop?

You may want to perform the Acer laptop reset process to speed up the laptop, completely fix software problems or clean programs and files on your device.

Before proceeding with the steps to restore your Acer laptop to factory settings, the most important thing to know is to back up your important files and photos on your laptop’s disk. You can do this with an external disk, or you can do this with old-fashioned DVDs if you are not going to make a very large backup. Acer Laptop Factory Reset From Boot:

  1. Press and hold the Power button for 5 seconds.
  2. Then press the power button again.
  3. When you see the Acer logo, press the Alt + F10 keys. When the “Choose an option” screen comes up, use the troubleshooting option.
  4. Click on “Reset the computer”.
  5. With this process, all data on your device will be deleted.
  6. If you want to perform a reset while protecting the files and programs on your computer, continue with the “Refresh the Computer” option.
  7. Click “Reset” to begin the recovery process.

After performing the recovery process, our first recommendation would be to perform the windows update. In this way, the files of your operating system will be updated and your system will work stably.

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