Hp Laptop Charger : 2020 Models and Prices For Your Laptop

What is a Notebook Adapter?

Notebook Adapter is a charger used to charge the battery of electronic devices such as laptop computers and to provide a stable electricity flow.
Hp laptop chargers have universal ampere compatibility. There are different adapter alternatives for electronic devices operating at different power levels such as 15-24V range. Under electronic devices such as laptops, there is information in which voltage range the device can operate. Connecting an adapter outside of this power range can cause serious problems. High electric current inside the laptop; It can cause vital parts such as video card, sound card, processor and motherboard to short circuit and burn.

There are three options when purchasing a hp laptop charger. The first is the original charging adapters for the brand of laptop you are using. These products are the devices manufactured by the brand only for certain models or series. Due to the small number of production, difficulty in availability and high prices, the second option, equivalent adapters, are generally preferred. An adapter from a trusted brand that has the same specifications and voltage levels as your computer’s original battery can be used without any problems.

Hp Laptop Charger Models and Prices

1- HP 90W Slim with USB AC Adapter $80 USD


Thin and light the HP 90W Slim AC Adapter provides reliable power, regulated by HP’s Smart Pin Technology and safeguarded by surge protection, while charging your notebook and USB devices at the same time. An included single cable and 3 interchangeable connection tips provides versatility. These combined features provide an ideal mobile power supply.

Compatibility : HP Notebooks with 4.5mm, 7.4mm, Ultrabook connectors

2- HP 65W Slim with USB AC Adapter $73,99 USD


The ideal power adapter for people on the go. The HP 65W Slim AC Adapter includes multiple interchangeable tips all using a single detachable cable, HP’s Smart-pin energy saving technology, optional USB connection, and the reassurance of HP certification. Reduce mobile power complexity with the versatility of this thin and adaptable adapter.

Compatibility : HP Notebooks with 4.5mm, 7.4mm, Ultrabook connectors

3- HP Travel Power Adapter 65W $59 USD


Compatibility : HP laptops/tablets with 4.5mm connector

4- HP 65W Smart AC Adapter $65 USD


See compability List on Hp

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When choosing your hp laptop charger model, you should definitely check whether it is compatible with your laptop model. Don’t forget to register your newsletter from the top right!

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