Best Kate Spade Laptop Bags : 2020 Buying Guide

One of the best things about Kate Spade laptop bag is the fact that you can use them anywhere, including inside your office. There are different types of these bags, such as those with an attached laptop compartment. But what if you already have a bag that doesn’t come with a laptop compartment? You could always buy a new one, but there are some options for you to get a cheaper bag.

Things To Know About Kate Spade Laptop Bag

If you want a bag that has more pockets, then you should look into bags that have both zippered pockets and exterior pockets. These types of bags also provide more storage space for your laptop.

Also, if you have to take a laptop on and off of your work computer, then you might want to consider a bag that comes with a pocket specifically designed for laptops. Some of these bags have small and large compartments for you to easily carry your laptop or other electronic equipment.

The key to having a quality Kate Spade laptop bag is to ensure that it has enough compartments for your computer accessories. You might even want to get one that has a laptop organizer that keeps your electronic equipment organized. With this type of bag, you’ll be able to carry your laptop and all your equipment safely without feeling like you are dragging all of your stuff around.

It’s also important that you look into the materials of your bag. A bag made from leather is much more durable than those made of canvas, and they will also provide you with better protection if you drop the bag while using it on the floor.

There are many colors available when you’re looking to purchase a kate spade laptop bag. If you want a bag that’s neutral so you can wear it on any job site, then you’ll want to look into bags that are made from neutral colors, like black or brown. But if you prefer a bright color, then look into black, navy, and white.
Of course, you will also find a wide variety of different prices when you shop for a bag. So make sure to look around online to see what different vendors have to offer in terms of prices and sizes.

Kate Spade Laptop Bag Models, Prices and Specs

1- Spade flower coated canvas universal laptop sleeve – $110 USD


coated canvas
lining: faille/floral jacquard
zipper closure
large slip pocket with clasp closure
pinmount logo
fits up to 15″ laptop

2- Daily convertible backpack – $228 USD


14.57″ height x 12.01″bottom width x 16.15″ top width x 4.73″ depth


item comes pre-boxed

3- Daily universal laptop bag – $168 USD


12.41″h x 15.75″w x 2.17″d


zip-top closure
interior zipper pocket
exterior slide pocket
optional straps


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There are some samples of kate spade laptop bag models. I hope you’ll find what you really looking for.

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