What You Should Know Before Calling Laptop Cleaning Service

Parts of a computer system generate a considerable amount of heat during operation. Although this heat is released to a high extent by integrated circuits such as processor, chip, graphics card and hard drives, it is actually contributed by all circuits in the case. Unless the temperature inside the case is lowered to reasonable levels, the efficient and safe operation of the parts is endangered.

Today, it is common to use special units for this process, although considerably smaller computer sizes as well as advanced manufacturing technology facilitate heat generation and heat removal. For these special units
In addition, the heat emitters (heat sink), which are widely used to increase the surface where the heat is distributed, and the fans used to improve the air circulation are the majority.

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Cleaning the fan at regular intervals prevents the damage caused by overheating. Things to do in fan maintenance;

Things To Know Before Calling Laptop Cleaning Service

Notebooks are more sensitive about cleaning fans and power. Plastic parts are easily broken. Screws are small and can be removed and installed using very small screwdrivers. Care should be taken when removing and removing parts.

Before cleaning the notebook fan, the computer must be turned off and the battery and power cord must be disconnected. The fan-heatsink duo on the motherboard cools the processor and the graphics card. The fan-heatsink you removed is cleaned with a brush or blower. When the fan-heatsink is removed, the thermal paste on the processor should be carefully cleaned with an isopropyl alcohol cloth. The new thermal paste should be applied on the processor so that it does not overflow from the sides. You can request professional support for the above operations. If your computer is under warranty, refer to the authorized service considering the warranty conditions.

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We have prepared an article about what you need to know before applying for a laptop cleaning service. Some users may want to do this type of cleaning in their home. Users who have not done laptop maintenance before should be very careful. They may accidentally damage their device or take an incorrect action. Therefore, it is useful to send the devices under warranty to the technical service.

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