Top 3 Laptop Keyboard Covers Review : Love and Protect Your Laptop

There are some people who wonder what is laptop keyboard cover made of because they have never seen it before. As a matter of fact, a laptop keyboard cover is nothing more than a protective cover that is used on laptops to keep the keyboard safe and protected. It is an extremely important part of a laptop. One of the most common complaints that people have about computers is the fact that there are scratches all over the keyboard and if they do not get a laptop keyboard cover, then they could easily scratch the keys when typing on the computer.

The best way to avoid this problem is to get a laptop keyboard cover that will protect your laptop from scratches and damage that can come from getting in contact with the keyboard.

Why You Should Use Laptop Keyboard Covers

  1. Protects your laptop keyboard from dust, liquid, cigarette ash and food debris.
  2. Water, oil and dust proof, extending the service life.
  3. It prevents the text on the keys from being deleted.
  4. They are made of extremely high quality and generally robust material made of transparent silicone.
  5. With this product, you can keep your computer as clean as the first day.
  6. Most of the products adhere to the keys in a dust and liquid proof manner and can be removed without leaving any traces when desired.
  7. Thanks to its thin structure, there are models that can be used on every computer without any problems.

There are many different types of laptop keyboard covers that you can purchase and one of the best things about them is that they are incredibly affordable. You will find that they come in a variety of different prices and this is one of the biggest reasons why so many people purchase them. Let’see some different models and prices about this laptop accessories.

Laptop Keyboard Cover Models and Prices for 2020

1- Adobe Premiere Keyboard Covers for MacBook Pro 13″ & 16″ MacBook Pro 2020+ $29 USD


Designed specifically for the 13″ & 16″ MacBook Pro 2020+ MacBook Pro with physical escape key. Designed in England & USA.

Edit Faster in Adobe Premiere Pro. Each key contains the Premiere shortcuts, shortcut icon, shortcut reference text and your standard typing letter.

Protect your 16″ MacBook Pro against dirt, dust and liquid spills by protecting your keyboard. Editors Keys covers offer functionality and protection in one.

This model have 1 year warranty included.

2- BronaGrand 2 Pack Clear Desktop Computer Keyboard Protection Skin Protector Cover $7.99 USD


Prevents keyboard keys from general wear and tear caused by everyday use

Quality silicone material, durable, healthy and environment friendly

Waterproof and dust proof, protect your laptop against spills, dust, and other contaminants

Removable and washable, keeping it clean and makes it always new

Fits standard 104/107 keys keyboard and covers all the keys well


3-Uppercase GhostCover Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover Protector for All 2020+ $12,99 USD


Engineered to fit precisely to the keyboard of your 2020 MacBook Air 13 with Magic Keyboard (Scissor keyboard, Apple Model Number A2179),

MacBook Air 2020 with Apple Silicon M1 processor, US Keyboard Layout Only
Tested for not interfering with Touch ID operation
Industry Leading 0.12mm (0.005 in.) thickness to minimize typing interference.
Made with premium engineering grade TPU material (compare to our standard TPU keyboard protector)

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Since laptop keyboard covers are affordable, you should definitely buy one immediately. A coffee or other beverage that you can pour on it can cost you much more.




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