Can I Change My Laptop’s Motherboard?

To explain the laptop motherboard (or a desktop motherboard) with a simple example; We can say that a human skeleton means to that person what a motherboard means to a computer. The stronger your skeletal structure, the more heavy you can undergo and the more you can withstand adversity. The stronger and more advanced the hardware called this motherboard, the more durable, durable and long-lasting the load your computer can handle and the hardware it will hold on.

Generally, the laptop motherboard (or desktop) is a system that connects the computer hardware to each other, enables the parts to communicate and work in a coordinated manner. laptop-motherboard

Laptop motherboards are different from desktop computer motherboards. The CPU and GPU on the laptop come embedded on the motherboard. So you cannot change. If there is an extra RAM slot, you can install RAM. While there are sites on the Internet that you can find as used motherboards, there is no guarantee that they will work with your laptop. Because each brand has its own size and characteristics. If you are considering a graphics card replacement, you can use external graphics cards for laptop (egpu).

Likewise, changing the processor for your laptop is not easy. Because the processor you are going to buy must have the same socket type as the processor you are currently using.

Unfortunately, laptops have such problems when it comes to hardware upgrade.


We hope the laptop motherboard article has given you an idea. As always, don’t forget to choose your hardware according to your needs.

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