Laptop Screen Protector Review: Keep Eyes Safe – 2020 Detailed Guide

Desktop computer and notebook accessories develop in parallel with the innovations in computer technologies. In addition to products such as keyboard or mouse types equipped with advanced technology, wireless charging units developed for comfortable use, laptop stands or LED lights that can be used as keyboard lighting, new generation laptop screen protectors focused on protecting user health can be counted among the innovations seen in recent years.

Laptop screen protector models, especially aimed at protecting personal safety and eye health, are welcomed by users. Work in this area has accelerated due to the increase in the use of laptops at home or at work and the time spent in front of the screen; Thus, it has been possible to develop more comfortable products. You should definitely use laptop screen protector for eyes. We’ve listed best laptop screen protector 2020 products for you in this list.

Things You Can Do For Your Eye Health

Although screen brightness is usually one of the criteria that shows the screen quality of the devices, there may be some damages. Due to the fact that mobile devices occupy a large place in our lives today, in addition to the time we sit at the computer, the time we look at the screens has become longer. Of course, there are some disadvantages brought by this situation. In this article, we share what you need to do to prevent some consequences such as eye strain.

1-Improve the light in your room

Although this may seem like a simple tip, the first thing you should do is make sure that the environment in which you use your computer is well lit. Good ambient lighting helps dissipate the harmful effects of the screen. The lamps around you should be placed so that their lights are not reflected directly on your screen. Otherwise, the reflections and brightness that arise will irritate your eyes. If possible, do not use fluorescent lamps as these create lighting that is uncomfortable, especially for those with sensitive eyes.

2- Optimize display settings

Most monitors are set to the highest or near highest brightness by default. This setting may be ideal for a very bright office or retail environment, but too high for home use. To give your eyes some comfort, reduce the brightness setting by 10% increments, try using the computer for an hour and try to find the level you are most comfortable with.

3- Use free software

There are some programs that regulate the color temperature of your display to match the sun’s cycle of day and night or allow you to adjust the screen light in the dark. We can show programs such as F.Lux and Eyeleo as examples.


Laptop screen protectors appealing to different brand notebook models can be produced in different designs and features. The new screen protectors, which are thinner and more aesthetic than the models produced in previous years, can now be produced to be compatible with different laptop models. 13 inches, 15 inches; There are even laptop protectors that can appeal to larger types of laptops such as 17 and 19 inches.

Some models among laptop screen protectors may be preferred for privacy reasons. These screen saver models, which allow the screen to be seen only from the user’s point of view, are especially appealing to those who want to use their laptop safely during travel or in public places.

2020 Laptop Screen Protector Models and Prices

1- 2-Pack Laptop Screen 15.6 Inch Anti Blue Light and Anti Glare Filter Screen Protector $18.99 USD


This laptop screen protector fits for 15.6 inch with Aspect Ratio 16:9 notebook computers -DIAGONALLY MEASURED 15.6″ (Measured Viewable Display Area Diagonally, Corner to Corner Without the Frame), screen protector size(W x H): 13.6 inches (345mm) x7.6 inches (194mm).
The cornea and crystalline lens of our eyes absorb the blue light in life, thus affecting our vision. PROMAS anti-blue screen protective film can effectively reduce harmful blue light.

2- (3 Pack) Supershieldz for Dell Inspiron 15, Lenovo Ideapad 15, HP Pavilion 15, Envy 15, MSI GV62 (15.6 inch) $11 USD


Anti-glare (matte) film engineered to reduce glare and fingerprints
Made from the high quality Japanese PET film for easy installation and no residue when removed
Real touch sensitivity for a natural feel that provides flawless touch screen accuracy
Protects your screen from daily scratches, dust and scrapes
Include 3 pcs screen protectors

3- Magnetic Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector and Anti Blue Light Filter, Compatible with MacBook Pro 13 Inch $20,99 USD


Easy Installation MAGNETIC ATTACHMENT — Simply place the privacy screen along the top of your MacBook and let the magnets attach along the top. No need for tricky placement, messy tape, or damaging adhesive. Easily remove and reattach when you need it. Please note, when the Anti Blue Light Filter is attached, your laptop will not close completely, but the sleep mode is still supported.
Magnetic Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector and Anti Blue Light Filter, Compatible with MacBook Pro 13 Inch (2018, 2019,2020) | Eye Protection for A1706 A1708 A1989 A2159 A2251 A2289 Models ONLY
ANTI BLUE LIGHT – The filter can cut most of the harmful blue light.Reduce eyestrain and headache.Give you a better sleeping.Anti-Blue Light blocking between 380nm~495nm for wide range HEV protection.

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Laptop screen protectors that reduce blue light transmittance that cause sleep disturbance are also recommended by experts. According to experts who point out that eye health may deteriorate due to long-term computer use, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, double vision, burning sensation, stinging in the eyes, double vision, redness or difficulty focusing are among the primary complaints. Temporarily visible; However, these complaints, which reduce the quality of life of the users, can sometimes become permanent after long-term use. You can protect your eye health by choosing the most suitable laptop screen protector for your laptop.

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