Laptop Security – Best Guide To Secure Your Laptop **2020

How much can we ensure the security of our computers, which are indispensable for our daily life in today’s computer age? Many people around us complain very seriously about this ad, virus and its derivatives, which they have seen on the internet. In order to be protected from such malicious software, you will increase your security by reading the following article. Let’s talk about laptop security or computer security.

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Put Password on Your Computer

Before moving on to detailed explanations, I suggest you take a look at the laptop security companies you should take a look at; The main ones are Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, Bitdefender and Eset.

For Computer Security

Put passwords on your computers so you can block the entry of strangers to some extent. But let me explain the detail I want to mention in this article as follows. Do not trust the password you have set on the computer. Because; These passwords can be broken with very simple methods. You can set two types of passwords on your computer. One of them is the “bios password” and the second is the “windows account password” that we normally know. I recommend you to set up the bios password, but the bios password may require some high level, if you get help for this, it will be good for your security.

Also, the place I should mention here is that while putting passwords, most people memorize their passwords, but there are those who write their passwords on a piece of paper and leave them with their computers, those who keep notebooks for their passwords, and those who use special programs designed for password storage. If you are not a very good user we recommend you to memorize and not use your password in more than one place. Your passwords should not be “simple (birth date, wedding anniversary, name, etc.)”. Identify more difficult things.

So there’s a question for everyone : do we use antivirus for laptop security or laptop security?

Use Antivirus Program for Computer Security

You will determine the appropriate antivirus program according to your computer usage purpose. When choosing an antivirus, make your choice by considering factors such as the size and importance of your files to be scanned.

Use Firewall for Computer Security

What is a firewall? Firewall is a security system that is coded with software and restricts access to any system over the internet. Firewall does not usually protect against threats from inside the network. Fırewals also do not provide security for viruses because; Viruses can be easily encrypted or compressed in packages downloaded from the internet or sent by e-mail. So do not ignore to set up your firewall in addition to antivirus.

Turning Off File and File Sharing for Computer Security

If you are using a computer that is not connected to the LAN, turn off file and printer sharing in your network settings. This process will disable all of your NETBIOS ports. This type of action will give you extra protection, even if you are using a Router or firewall.

Protect Your Registry for Computer Security

There are registry saver programs to protect the registry. Viruses that enter your computer initially copy themselves into the registry.

Do not open e-mails that you see on the Internet that interest you or do not trust.

Additional information;

Do not use the same password on every site because some malicious site owners can access your other accounts by seeing your password.
Choose Your Passwords Hard.
Cd, Floppy, Flash Disk, Hard Disk etc. you bring from the outside. scan your virus program while installing the tools on your computer.
Do not open links (links) from people you do not trust.
Remember, be careful when choosing your virus program accordingly, be careful when choosing your virus program.

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We shared basic information about laptop security with you. If you follow these basic steps, it is not likely that you will encounter huge problems.
We hope this article has helped you.
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