Lenovo Laptop Charger Specs and Reviews **2020

Original lenovo laptop charger models should always be a piece of hardware that you should use carefully. If you are a laptop owner, over the years (and if you use it constantly), as is the case with all laptop models, unfortunately, the chargers can deteriorate.

Although the prices are not very expensive, the most important factor you should pay attention to when buying an lenovo laptop charger is the voltage values. Incorrectly purchased asus laptop chargers will damage your laptop battery and most likely will not work.  Let’s review some of the lenovo laptop charger models below.

Lenovo Laptop Charger Specs and Reviews


1- Lenovo 45W AC Wall Adapter (UL) – $24,99 USD

Compatible with various Yoga and IdeaPad notebooks

2- Lenovo 65W Travel Adapter with USB Port(US) – $31,99 USD


Supports up-to 65W charging for laptop
Rapid Charging support on ThinkPad X1 Family machines
Dual charging for both laptops and mobile devices
Easy to carry with compact size and light weight

3- Lenovo 45W Slim Port AC Adapter(UL-SDC) – $31,99 USD


Flex 3 11”; Flex 3 14”/15” Integrate; IdeaPad 500s 13”/14”/15” Integrate; IdeaPad 300s 14” Integrate; IdeaPad 300s 11”;

4- Lenovo 65W AC Adapter – $39,99 USD

Compact, energy efficient AC power
Performs to the same specs as standard 65W AC adapters that ship with our notebooks
Supports systems between 15 – 46W CPUs with integrated graphics, and 15W CPUs with discrete graphics

Compatible with:

U330p, U330 Touch; U430p, U430 Touch; S500, S500 Touch
S410/ S510 Flex, S410P/S510P Flex 14”, Flex 15Z710Z410/Z510Z510
Touch: G700, G710, G400, G500, G405/G505, G410/G510Z
G series(Lancer): G400S/G500S, G405S/G505S, G400S Touch/G500S Touch, G410s/G510s
Flex2 series(Mybo); Flex2 Pro-15(Viper 5A) B/E/N (Freelander/Discovery/Boxster)
Flex 3 15XX(Camaro5); Flex 3 Pro-1580 & Edge 2-1580 Tesla (S41), U41, U31
Lenovo Ideapad 500S-15ISK (U51) Gx1Zx1Bx1K/M41(Macan)

5- Lenovo 45W USB-C AC Portable Adapter – $41,99 USD


Intelligent USB-C solution
Highly compatible, works with laptops to smartphones
Ultra light, portable design, perfect for on-the-go use
Fast and secure USB charging out
Power delivery with adjustable voltage of 5V/9V/15V/20V output
Superior cable length of 1.8m

You can use https://accessorysmartfind.lenovo.com/ to see model compatibility.

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