Best Expensive Gaming Mouses Review and Guide With Tech Specs

2021 will be a little different in the race for the best gaming mouse brands compared to other years. When it comes to gaming, nothing goes beyond choosing the right mouse for both gaming performance and feel. In fact, it is quite clear which is the best mouse directly. Adding its photo directly will be the answer to the question, but we are not yet ready for such a style. Today, we choose the best gaming mouse brand and model.

A mouse that fits in your hand, has adjustments to suit you, and has a perfectly strong sensor for maximum performance on any surface, of course, will affect the gaming experience, your odds of winning, and provide you with great satisfaction in that experience. By the way, we recommend you also to look at best gaming accessories to use.

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What Are The Things To Know Before Buying A Mouse?

Optical or Laser?

Both sensor types offer a great experience, but optical mouses are slightly more sensitive. If you are a truly discerning person, opt for an optical sensor designed or developed with PixArt.

Wired or Wireless?

Wireless mouse have improved a lot over the past few years, but still have drawbacks due to limited battery life (especially with RGB) and latency. Consider 30 hours or more of battery life when choosing wireless. Bluetooth offers a lot of convenience to switch between multiple devices, but the latency effect can come at a price. If you prefer 2.4GHz, there will be an easily lost USB port.

Palm Grip – With the base of your palm behind the mouse, your fingers on top.

DPI, CPI, IPS and Acceleration?

While DPI tells how many points per inch, CPI tells how many counts per inch. Higher CPI does not directly mean a better sensor. Higher IPS, inches per second, combined with higher CPI means better sensor.

We must say, there is also the acceleration factor. This shows how many Gs your mouse can handle and track effectively, and how effective it is against sharp movements.

Let’s go back to the most expensive or best gaming mouse list again.

Why Are Gaming Mouses Wired?

The reason why gaming mouses are wired is that the transmission speed in bluetooth transmission is slightly lower than cables. At the same time, players who play for long hours and actively use a mouse are not used to charging yet. For example, if you think of someone who plays 10 hours of game at regular intervals, it is likely that the charge will run out after two days.

In the past years, gamer mouses were produced wirelessly by some brands. In the following years, wired gaming mouse also appeared, which did not have as good transmission speeds as wireless mouse. So do not think that I bought a wired gaming mouse and made the best choice. When you decide on the best gaming mouse model, all you have to do is add it to the cart right away.

Which is the Most Efficient Mouse?

Logitech MX Master 3

Sensor: Darkfield | DPI: 4,000 | IPS: ?? | On speed: ?? | Interface: USB / Wireless | Ergonomics: Right hand, palm and claw grip | Programmed buttons: 6 | Weight: 141 g | Dimensions: 124.9 x 84.3 x 51 mm (LxWxH)

Logitech MX Master3


  • Fast, smooth and quiet scrolling
  • Controls up to 3 computers, shares files, pictures and images
  • Comfortable
  • 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth


  • The thumb rest button could be more comfortable
  • DPI personification is not clear
  • No USB storage receiver
  • Expensive
  • While obviously not designed for gaming, it offers per-app customization with 6 programmable buttons, plus a thumb rest and improved design to allow your thumb and fingers to rest comfortably during long gaming sessions.


Razer DeathAdder Elite

Sensor: PixArt PMW 3389 | CPI: 16,000 | IPS: 450 (11.43 m / s) | Acceleration: 50 g | Interface: USB | Ergonomics: Ergonomics: Right hand, palm and claw grip | Programmable Buttons: 7 | Weight: 105 g | Dimensions: 127 x 70 x 44 mm (LxWxH)

razer deathadder elite


  • Simple and consistent design
  • Outstanding sensor
  • Impressive omron switches


  • Weight optimization is not available

Designed with Omron, this beautiful mouse has a mechanical keyboard click feel thanks to Razer, which adds a tactile notch to the switch itself. It doesn’t slow you down and you have up to 50 million clicks before it does.

BEST MMO MOUSE (Massively Multiplayer Online)

Razer Naga Trinity

Sensor: PixArt PMW 3389 | CPI: 16,000 | IPS: 450 (11.43 m / s) | Acceleration: 50 g | Interface: USB | Ergonomics: Right hand, palm grip | Programmable Keys: Up to 19 | Weight: 120 g | Dimensions: 119 x 74 x 43 mm (LxWxH)

razer naga trinity


  • Powerful sensor
  • Button additions that can change while working
  • Ergonomic style


  • Expensive
  • Pretty heavy

The problem with large MMO mouse is; often they have a very special grip system, for example a keypad placed on the left side and that’s it. Razer also offers three different left-hand grips by choosing Trinity, the latest addition to the Naga.

Corsair M65 RGB Elite

Sensor: PixArt PMW 3391 | CPI: 18,000 | IPS: 400 (10.16 m / s) | Acceleration: 50 g | Interface: USB | Ergonomics: Right hand, palm and claw grip | Programmable Keys: 9 | Weight: 97 – 116 g | Dimensions: 116 x 76 x 39 mm (LxWxH)

corsair m65 rgb elite


  • A cool design
  • Low price
  • The Perfect Sensor
  • Good RGB


  • While being ergonomic, in a size that may not fit comfortably in some small hands

It supports palm or claw grip on the fingertips, and its ergonomic style can be perfect for some and uncomfortable for others, depending on the shape and size of your hand. If you want, you can customize it with 1 CPI increment.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate

Sensor: Razer Focus + Optics | CPI: 20,000 | IPS: 650 IPS (16.51 m / s) | Acceleration: 50 g | Interface: USB / 2.4 GHz Wireless | Ergonomics: Right hand, palm and claw grip | Programmable Keys: 11 | Weight: 107 g | Dimensions: 130 x 60 x 42 mm (LxWxH)

razer basilisk ultimate


  • An amazing sensor
  • An inspiring software package
  • Long battery life and fast charging


  • Expensive
  • Optical switches lack mechanical feel

Combining impressive ergonomic design and Razer’s cutting edge technology in optical switches, this mouse becomes a wireless monster pointer. Basilisk Ultimate has made numerous improvements in competition. For example, you can check the resistance of the scroll scroll, the sensor is unquestionably precise and precise, the materials used are significantly robust, 7g lighter than the G502, and Razer’s synapse software package sounds alarm bells for Logitech’s G-Hub.

HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro

hyperx pulsefire

The best gaming mouse brand research is undoubtedly “good” varies from person to person. Although the variability in these kinds of issues often makes the time spent making the research insignificant, the basic criteria for many people in our country are always the same. Generally, the price / performance preference allows us to get the best mouse response.

Sensor: PixArt PMW 3389 | CPI: 16,000 | IPS: 220 (5.58 m / s) | Acceleration: 30 g | Interface: USB | Ergonomics: Right hand, palm and claw grip | Programmable keys: 6 | Weight: 95 g | Dimensions: 128 x 71 x 42 mm (LxWxH)


  • A powerful sensor
  • Simple design that inspires
  • Great price


  • Braided cable
  • Not a real FPS mouse

The HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro includes the PixArt PMW 3389, the same sensor found on the Deathadder Elite, although not Razer’s firmware. You can achieve the same 16,000 maximum CPI with zero hardware acceleration or smoothing below 3000 CPI. And in addition, it offers a feeling of comfort that you would hardly find in any other mouse at this price point. The only downside is its low IPS and acceleration ratings, but it’s pretty understandable for this price.

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