Best Intel Core i7 Laptops With Windows OS – 2020 Review

Intel i7 is a computer processor developed by Intel, which is marketed in different variations. The i7 processors, which are often included in devices with high performance expectations, are divided into generations according to their development stages. Intel i7 processors with the latest generation ...Read More

Built for Low Cost Laptops: Windows 10X ready

Microsoft has completed its work on Windows 10X, a completely new version of Windows 10 developed for low-cost laptops that can also be described as cheap. The operating system is now ready to be released. It is worth remembering that Windows 10X was originally ...Read More

High Performance AI Accelerator Cards Announced by ASUS

CRL-G18U-P3DF and CRL-G116U-P3DF, the world’s first PCI Express AI accelerator cards, feature advanced power design with Google Edge TPU and easy system setup tools. ASUS announced the full-size and half-size PCI Express 3.0 AI accelerator cards PCICRL-G18U-P3DF and CRL-G116U-P3DF. Both cards have Google Edge ...Read More

How to Factory Reset Acer Laptop With 6 Steps

Some model laptops  unfortunately don’t come with a Windows CD (Recovery CD). In such cases, usually a part of your laptop’s disk (recovery partition) is reserved for this job. In other words, when you want to format your computer, the installation files in this ...Read More