Best of Ryzen 5 Laptop Models Review – Best Choices and Specs 2020

Ryzen 5 laptop processors are among the successful processors aimed at the middle class. Corresponding to Intel’s Core i5 class, the processors are powerful enough to offer the best performance for gaming. On the other hand, processors with sufficient capacity for video editing and intensive workloads come in four and six core layouts.

Today we’ll give information about Ryzen 5 laptop processor and ryzen 5 laptop models. So that means you’ll read an amd ryzen 5 laptop review article  and will learn specifications about ryzen 5 laptop gaming models.

Let’s see details about Ryzen 5 laptop models.

Information about Ryzen processors

AMD believes in gamers’ freedom and creativity, so every Ryzen CPU comes unlocked2, which means users can push their hardware a bit more. Users like to choose from different cooling solutions and different components and set up their systems without being limited by these options.

Every Ryzen CPU comes with Extended Frequency Range3 (XFR), an automatic overclocking technology. The XFR dynamically forces Ryzen CPUs beyond the SenseMI Precision Boost parameters while also taking into account CPU temperatures to achieve higher clock frequencies to provide extra processing power.

AMD aims to give users the freedom to customize their systems and play with their systems as they wish, and the unlocked multipliers are one of the steps taken in this way.

Ryzen CPUs offer the highest buffer capacity in its class, surpassing competitors of the same level currently on the market4; this allows users to get the most memory with Smart Prefetch’s accurate data precision to speed up tasks, games and other CPU-based tasks.

AMD aims to allow users to use their system for almost anything, and has taken a big step towards that by equipping its processors with a premium buffer with SenseMI Smart Prefetch.

Ryzen is built on this powerful start. Ryzen, which contains a large number of cores and threads and includes smart technologies, is used more effectively by game developers every day. Popular games such as Total War ™: Warhammer®, Ashes of the Singularity ™, Rise of the Tomb Raider ™ and DOTA ™ 2 all benefit from patches that give Ryzen users a significant performance boost1.

In this article, Eli Becht explains how Destiny 2, one of this year’s most anticipated games, takes advantage of the added CPU cores, which is perfect for an AMD Ryzen user. Destiny 2 also offers 4K ultra HD support, unlocked frame rates, and other PC-focused options, allowing AMD users to harness the full power of AMD systems for a better gaming experience than they’ve ever experienced.

These are the official statements from directly AMD site.

Best Ryzen 5 Laptop Models with Prices and Specs

1- Acer Nitro AN515-43 – $999 USD

Our sharpest criticism of the product, which has won our appreciation with its workmanship quality, reasonable price and performance, is that frame thicknesses push the limits. The thick bezel may reduce the risk of light leakage, but today gamers prefer thinner bezels and more compact designs.


The weight of the product with a 15.6 inch screen is approximately 2.25 kg. The 1080p / 120Hz IPS screen is appreciated for brightness and clarity.

Through Acer’s Nitro Sense software, it is possible to make highly effective optimizations on the game performance of the device, and the Cool Boost technology allows you to achieve very successful cooling values ​​even though it gives an audible experience under load like its competitors.

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3550H 4 x 2.1 – 3.7 GHz, Zen+
Graphics adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Mobile
Memory: 16384 MB
Display: 15.60 inch 16:9, 1920 x 1080 pixel 141 PPI, 120 Hz
Connections: 1 USB 2.0, 2 USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 20Gbps, 1 HDMI
Networking: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5), Bluetooth 4.1

2- 2020 Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15.6″ Full HD Laptop – $531 USD


Engineered for long-lasting performance. The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is the perfect laptop for your everyday tasks with features that you can depend on. Great for entertainment: Narrow bezels on two sides let you get the most out of the IdeaPad 3 laptop’s GHD display-and present a clean, contemporary look. Dual speakers enhanced with Dolby Audio augment sound so you’ll love what you hear as well as what you see.

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3500U Quad Core Processor 2.1GHz up to 3.7GHz;

Graphics: Integrated Radeon Vega 8 Graphics; Memory: 8GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM (4GB OnBoard + 4GB DIMM)

Internal Storage: 256GB 2242 NVMe TLC SSD Storage; Optical Drive: None

Display: 15.6″ FHD IPS LED Backlit Anti-Glare Non-touch Display; Webcam: Privacy at your fingertips. When it comes to privacy, sometimes the straightforward approach works best. That’s why we designed the IdeaPad 3 laptop with a physical webcam shutter. When you’re don with your video chat, just close the shutter-and render your webcam hacker-proof.

2 x 2W Speakers with Dolby Audio Wireless_ 2 x 2W Speakers with Dolby Audio Webcam_ 0.3MP Camera with Privacy Shutter and Dual Array Microphones.

Ryzen 5 laptop models are among the models that we can call mid-range. Ryzen 5 laptop models have different configurations. It is useful to carefully review all hardware details before purchasing. Thanks for your time and reading. You can send us your questions related to the subject from the comment section, we will try to help you in the fastest way possible.

What’s Ryzen 5 Processor?

Ryzen CPUs offer the highest buffer capacity in its class, surpassing competitors of the same level currently on the market4; this allows users to get the most memory with Smart Prefetch’s accurate data precision to speed up tasks, games and other CPU-based tasks.

What Are The Best Ryzen 5 Laptop Models?

Acer Nitro AN515-43, 2020 Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15.6″ is just two examples. Please read post for more detailed information.

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