Best Samsung Gaming Laptop | Top Picks For 2020 With Specs

Before we move on to samsung gaming laptop models. We’d like to share a mini info about gaming laptop models. Then, we’ll of course have a look at the top samsung gaming laptop models with models, specs and prices. Information here is not directly related to samsung laptop models but yes, there are general features of a gaming laptop. Today, we’ll share information about samsung notebook odyssey 2020, in other words samsung gaming laptop 2020.

The best gaming laptop models need to meet user needs in terms of both hardware and ease of use. Although the indispensable game laptop for good players is in the upper segment in terms of prices, it is preferred with its strong performance structures and high quality graphics features. High-spec gaming laptop models designed to successfully play the most action-demanding games are designed to include multi-core processors, large ram memories and high-capacity graphics cards.

Special cooling systems are also among the features of the gaming laptop to tolerate the temperature caused by this high operating capacity. To understand whether a laptop is a good gaming laptop, it is enough to try to play a game that requires high graphics at the highest graphics and quality settings. If the game is streaming without stuck or freezing, you have a good gaming PC.

The gaming laptop also has SSD – solid state drives, one of the indispensable features in terms of speed, the popular product of recent years. In some models, higher level graphics features are provided with the SLI connection system.

Among the features sought in the best gaming laptop models, there are aesthetic qualities such as high-speed connection ports, special LED lights that appeal to visuality, and extra fans. Technologies that will support high internet speeds in hardware to meet the speeds needed during online gaming are also among the gaming laptop features.

Best Samsung Gaming Laptops of 2020


1- Samsung Odyssey Z 15.6” $1,799 USD

Despite our long research, we can say that there is no other model other than this model that can meet your gaming needs. It seems that a new model will not come out on the Samsung side in the near future. Therefore, we can say that only Odyssey Z 15.6 ”model has features that can meet your gaming needs as a samsung gaming laptop model.

With the support of DDR RAM memory with 2400 MHz bandwidth, Samsung is very confident in its new cooling system. All the hardware of the computer that is prone to overheating is surrounded by these cooling plugins. In addition, the keyboard of the device resembles touch panel keyboards that can be attached to desktop computers. However, the fact that the touch panel is only on the right poses a minor problem for left-handed users.

The Odyssey Z, which we can call Samsung’s gaming laptop model, is a gaming computer with an interesting keyboard design. Offering high performance in the notebook segment, the laptop has a special cooling system called Z AeroFlow and a design called Z Blade Blower.

Here are the specifications of this samsung gaming laptop model:

Ultraslim Design: Brushed aluminum cover and 15.6” size make the Odyssey Z perfectly portable.
Z Aeroflow Cooling System: Keeps you cool with two internal fans to expel heat from the CPU and GPU at the same time.
Gaming and Graphics Performance: Intel Core i7 8th generation CPU and a dedicated NVIDIA GTX1060 deliver fast frame rates and HD content.
Backlit Ergonomic Keyboard: All your keys pop with the LED-backlit keyboard. Curved keycaps offer precision and comfort.
Ultra-fast SSD + Storage: An ultra-fast 256GB SSD and 16GB DDR4 memory mean games, video editing apps and more load in a flash.

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This is the end of samsung gaming laptop article, hope you can find the best gaming product you’re looking for!

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