The popular game of Blizzard, Overwatch, is now Free!

Blizzard has been included in the free game campaigns launched by Epic Games and Steam. The firm made a big gesture, making its fans smile. Accordingly, the popular FPS game Overwatch is waiting for game lovers for free until January 4.

overwatch is free

Overwatch will be free until January 4

Overwatch, which was released in 2016, has been offered to game lovers many times for free, but these were very short. However, in this campaign of Blizzard, unlike the previous ones, it will be given access to the full version, which includes all heroes and mods. Among these modes are fast game, custom game and arcade.


On the other hand, Blizzard stated that in the free trial, players can earn loot boxes, unlock various customization options for their heroes.
He also underlined that the experience and progress gained will be stored after the free campaign is over if they log in with a Blizzard or console account.

Players will also have access to the full character and map rotation. This makes 32 characters and 28 maps.

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