Best Vertical Laptop Stands : 4 Health Reasons to Use

Laptops may have come a long way in both speed and portability, but there has been little change in shape design during that time. This means that the same ergonomic problems that have been bothering us since the first laptop came out have still survived. Using a laptop stand continues to provide convenience by helping us solve these problems. So if you think you need a vertical laptop stand, you’re in the right place for healthy guide.

When it comes to laptop ergonomics, one of the most important accessories you can have is the vertical laptop stand. We’ve tried to list best vertical laptop stands for you. You’ll also see laptop stands for lenovo, samsung, dell and macbook.

Vertical Laptop Stands Benefits for Your Health

1. Brings the laptop screen to eye level and provides correct posture

The biggest advantage of a laptop stand is that it raises your laptop screen to the recommended position. The top of your laptop screen should be an inch or two above your eye level while sitting upright.

If you’ve been on a laptop for a long time, you probably started to have stiffness or even pain in your neck and back long before the day was over. This is primarily due to the low height of the laptop screen, which allows you to constantly look down to see the screen.

2. Adjustable angle and eye health

Of course, the most important feature of a functional laptop stand is the ability to adjust the angles, heights and distances of your device to your body. A 2015 survey found that about 65% of American adults suffer from computer vision syndrome or eye strain caused by digital displays. To avoid this problem, come and get a laptop stand. By adjusting the angle of your computer, you can reduce screen glare and protect the health of your eyes.

3.Reduces tension on neck and hands

Using a laptop stand helps put your neck and arms into the correct position while working, so you won’t feel any burden on your neck and arms, and you won’t feel any pain later when you’re done.

4. Increase your work efficiency!

Thanks to the laptop stands, your laptop will be placed in the most suitable position so that all your focus will be directed to your business. In this way, you will increase your work efficiency and produce better results in your business. Not experiencing any pain due to posture disorders makes a great contribution to your work efficiency. Using a laptop stand is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy working environment.

Top 3 Vertical Laptop Stand Models and Prices

1- JARLINK Vertical Laptop Stand, Adjustable Laptop Holder Desktop Stand with Adjustable Dock Size $19 USD



Space Saver : Cradle up the monitor vertically, keep your laptop away from any spills, build up a neat and organized space for your desk.
Adjustable Size: Adjustable for laptop width with thickness from 0.55 inch to 2.55 inches, you could adjust the screw to tighten down to correct size.
Protective and Stable: Anodized aluminum is scratch-resistant and durable. Non-toxic silicone mat protects your MacBook from being scratched and secures it in a stable position.
Wide Compatibility: Compatible with Apple MacBook Pro/Air iPad, Microsoft Surface, Chromebook, Notebooks, Dell Samsung Lenovo Acer Sony Asus XPS and HP ENVY Series, Phone.

2- Macally Vertical Laptop Stand for Desk – Adjustable Laptop Holder for Universal Compatibility $24,99 USD


OPTIMIZE YOUR WORKSTATION: The laptop vertical stand will enhance your workplace with its sleek style, everyday practicality, and space saving design! Elegantly display your laptop or use the laptop stand when using an external monitor.
BROAD COMPATIBILITY: With an adjustable cradle, you will be able to use our laptop vertical stand with virtually any laptop! Fits any laptop between 0. 63” to 1. 19” making it the perfect macbook pro stand or macbook air stand.
INTUITIVE CRAFTSMANSHIP & DESIGN: Built with ultra durable SECC steel, this macbook dock is rock solid. The combination of rubber base pads with the weight of the heavy duty metal makes it sturdy and nearly impossible to knock over.

3- HumanCentric Vertical Laptop Stand for Desks (Space Gray) $29,99 USD


OPTIMIZE YOUR DESK: Connect an external monitor, keyboard and mouse to your laptop, then dock your laptop or Macbook (use closed-clamshell mode for Macbooks) to save valuable desk space and to protect your device from spills
INSTANTLY ADJUSTS TO FIT: No tools or inserts needed; the vertical laptop stand automatically grips the laptop when it is placed into the stand. Fits most laptops and Macbooks up to 1 inch in thickness including those with laptop skins and cases.
PATENT PENDING DESIGN: Sleek and minimalist design (multiple US and international patents pending) is both functional and space-saving while adding a unique look and feel to your desk setup – vertical laptop stand made of anodized aluminum alloy with a space gray finish to color match the space gray Macbook
DURABLE AND STABLE: Silicone pads securely grip your laptop or Macbook, rubber feet keep it in place on your desk, and scratch-resistant material keeps it looking great

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As a result, using a vertical laptop stand is one of the fastest ways to compensate for the ergonomic deficits of most laptops. It helps to improve your upper body posture, reduce the possibility of neck and back pain and improve the performance of your laptop.



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