How Do I Find Out The Brand And Model Of My Laptop

Learning the Brand and Model of Your Laptop;

Those who buy their laptop new or think about buying a laptop should do a laptop brand and model research first. In this context, the first question that comes to mind is how to learn the brand and model of the laptop? is the question. You may think why we wrote the brand query on this subject, as well, some older models do not have the brand logo on the back of the laptop screen or on the part where the keyboard is located, so there is brand in the title.

If you buy the laptop at a store, you can easily find out the make and model of the computer. You can also access information about the computer from the logo on the computer. However, there are a few steps you should follow to find out the brand of your own laptop or used laptop.

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What is the brand and model of my laptop? If you ask, it will be enough to follow the information we will give.

  • You can learn the brand of the laptop with the logo on it.
  • To learn the model of the laptop, you will be able to access the model information with the systeminfo command.
  • As an alternative to the systeminfo command, you can also use the dxdiag command.
  • To use the commands, you have to press the win + R keys at the same time and open the run window.
  • You can reach the detailed list about the laptop a few seconds after typing the cmd command on the window that opens, typing the systeminfo command and pressing enter.
  • The list you come across can cause confusion. Therefore, the first thing to consider is to look at the part that says system manufacturer and system model.
    The part that says system manufacturer in the list is the brand of your laptop.
  • Again, the part that says system model is the model of your laptop.

Tip: You cannot access such information on desktop custom PCs.

How To Find Out The Laptop Model?

We would like to explain step by step what you need to do to learn the model of laptop you use. Thanks to the simple housing you will apply to learn the laptop or desktop computer model and operating system, you can see all the information including the computer model, operating system and the card.

Here is learning the model of laptop or desktop computer;

  • You can start the process by clicking the start menu of the computer, entering the run field or pressing the win + r key.
  • We write “dxdiag” on the screen that appears.
  • We press the Enter key or the OK key on the screen
  • You can see all the information about the computer in the menu that opens.
  • It is very important to look at this information, especially when buying a used laptop.

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Apart from this information, you can also see the brand and model of your laptop on the sticker with the serial number on the bottom of the laptop or when you removed the laptop battery.

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